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Alex & Kellz


Alex and Kellz are the modern day internet love story. They first started pranking each other after moving in with one another, only knowing each other for 30 days. Their rise to fame began when they started documenting their pranks on TikTok. The couple currently resides in Sacramento, CA and recently welcomed their baby boy Banx into the family.

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Alex Bravo


Alex is 1/2 of Alex & Kellz and mommy to Banx. Aside from helping create hilarious content as a couple, Alex also runs her own TikTok page where she creates comedic skits and fashion content. She loves fitness and health, and promotes healthy lifestyle habits through her personal Instagram.

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Kellan Ness


Kellan is 1/2 of Alex & Kellz, and also father to Banx! Aside from helping create hilarious content as a couple, Kellan is passionate about the NFT and Crypto space. He launched his own NFT project called Chillin Chameleons in 2021 in partnership with Pro2tect, an organization that helps clean our oceans, sustaining our greatest source of oxygen.

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