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Jerzi Alvarado


Jerzi a.k.a. LilJerz (or Jerz) is a 19 year old lifestyle and fashion creator. She is also the younger sister of Justice and Reece Cook. Jerzi's content resonates with her genuine love for fashion, makeup, travel, and the vibrant aspects of everyday life. With a flair for uniqueness and a passion for self-expression, she enjoys crafting unique looks that captivate her followers across various social media platforms. She is also the creator of Flutter by Jerz. This essential clothing brand is more than just fashion; it aims to empower and nourish the inner beauty of every young woman.

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Previous Partnerships

TikTok sponsored by JCPenney Beauty

TikTok sponsored by IntoYou

TikTok sponsored by Whitefox

Flutter by Jerz

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